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uLead Cards

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uLead Cards are the most multi-functional educational social-emotional learning and group facilitation tools available. They contain the greatest collection of common and unique education and facilitation ideas all within one deck of cards. They also have something for any population regardless of age or purpose of the group (i.e. classroom, group counselling, community building, social emotional learning). They contain te avrious items:

  • Regular playing card symbols and numbers (i.e. ace of spades)- for grouping people and playing regular card games
  • Pictures - great for inspiring meaningful reflection and conversation
  • Emotions- for building and discussing emotional vocabulary
  • Letters - for grouping people, story telling and spelling
  • Dice Dots - for grouping people and math games
  • Quotes - for encouraging meaningful conversation and inspiration
  • Animals - for grouping people 
  • Icons - for building abstract connections
  • Movements - for brain breaks and body awareness

There are so many different ways to use this card set as a facilitation tool.

A) The instruction list can be found here

B) Examples of activities that can be done with uLead cards can be found here

“ULEAD facilitation cards are an awesome tool to use at the beginning of my staff meetings to get the team engaged and thinking in a fun and creative way. They love when I start passing them out.”

~ Char Hochstetler MSW, LCSW Clinical Supervisor, OSJ Child & Adolescent Skills Training/ C&A Case Management Oaklawn - South Bend


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